‘Life is the rose’s hope while yet unblown; the reading of an ever-changing tale’

— John Keats, Sleep and Poetry

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  • India- an assault on the senses

    No amount of reading articles or watching documentaries can prepare you for the complete assault on your senses that is India. After a few weeks, here are our first impressions. Sight ‘We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.’ — Anais Nin When you think of India, it is easy to […]

  • Routes Around South America

    As you might know, Alberto and I met in Brazil while travelling around South America, so we thought we would shared our combined knowledge and experiences to give some general advice on how to go about tackling this incredible, if slightly disorganised continent. This blog will give you a quick guide to backpacking South America, […]

  • Colombian Football 2

    You always know when Colombia is playing, whether or not it’s an important game, the whole country comes out to support the national team. The streets become a sea of yellow, teachers even rearrange classes to accommodate watching the game – if it’s a home game, the city of Barranquilla (where they play) gets the […]

  • Routes Around Argentina

    Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America, home of Maradona and Messi, the Gods of football, and some of the best steak in the world. Argentina had a huge influx of immigrants during the eighties, as the government wanted to boost its dwindling population size, welcoming those fleeing religious and political persecution with […]

  • A Glimpse into Chile

    Chile has the strongest economy in Latin America and by far the most expensive. They have surprisingly high standards of organisation and cleanliness. Its long Pacific coast and largely flat terrain makes it accessible for trade, and is also easy to govern, especially as most of the population is concentrated in the middle. Chile is […]