Get a real job, they said.
Grow up, they said.
You’ll come back, they said.
Not if we can help it, we said.


Two worlds, two cultures, two languages
An English teacher and an architect
Two curious minds and four itchy feet
Dreams in our heads and hope in our hearts
Armed with a camera, pen and paper
In pursuit of the unknown
Beyond us
Infinite worlds, infinite cultures, infinite languages
The world is our classroom
Our words, our photos
An easel for our experiences
Sharing our journey


Alberto Roa & Yoanne Tong

About Us-1 (1)

‘I believe in differences. I’m a self-proclaimed xenophile. I like everything that is not similar to me. I’m attracted to other customs, other foods, other ways of understanding the world. I want to be Maori and live by the sea, I want to be Muslim and pray towards Mecca various times a day, I want be Buddhist and follow the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path, I want to be Jewish, Rastafarian, Sikh. I want to be an eskimo and sledge across the snow on my with my huskies…’

—Mario Mendoza, Paranormal Colombia

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