Get a real job, they said.
Grow up, they said.
You’ll come back, they said.

Not if we can help it, we said.

Two worlds, two cultures, two languages
An English teacher and an architect
Two curious minds and four itchy feet
Dreams in our heads and hope in our hearts
Armed with a camera, pen and paper
In pursuit of the unknown
Beyond us
Infinite worlds, infinite cultures, infinite languages
The world is our classroom
Our words, our photos
An easel for our experiences
Sharing our journey.


We are Alberto and Yoanne, a Colombian/ British couple exploring the world together in search of a life of adventures and an alternative way of living. Whilst many of our peers are earning the big bucks with high-flying careers and buying houses, we are desperately avoiding the pressure to “settle down” and scraping every penny and peso together to travel. We are not interested in tick-boxing destinations and, “finding ourselves” or “escaping reality”, but discovering new realities and experiencing the world in all its diversity.

We travel to engage with the world around us, learning about how people of different cultures live, interact and share. We travel to embrace our differences, and learn that despite such differences, we all share the same basic human needs and desires, that we are all part of the same world. We travel to question what we know, to challenge our assumptions, confront our prejudices and privileges of our own realities. Travelling opens minds, humbles and teaches tolerance; travelling is a lesson in humanity.

Unblown Away is a platform to share adventures, advice and lessons learned from experiences abroad.


Alberto is a reggae-loving, coke-addicted Colombian with unkempt curls and a face from everywhere. Whilst travelling he is regularly approached by Israelis, treated as a local in Turkey and India, and was even mistaken as Yoanne’s Nepali guide-porter! He is overly trusting and makes best friends with everyone on the street. He suffers from serious moustache-beard envy and is always imagining himself with someone else’s overgrown facial hair. He can’t tell his left from right and has the memory of a fish. After photography, his favourite hobby is to make Yoanne look like an idiot.

*the drink, not the powder.

Yoanne is a sassy Brit whose tiny almond eyes doesn’t seem to match her passport and accent; the fact she is from the UK, but looks Chinese* and speaks fluent Spanish is very perplexing for some. She loves languages, cheese and all things Latino – especially reggaeton, salsa and bachata. She is a constantly hungry, food-snob with a terrible sense of direction. Lying and impunctuality makes her nervous. She is gullible and easily startled – she makes the perfect victim for pranks, but the worst person to watch a film with.

*her parents are from Hong Kong
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